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Click on the thumbnails to listen or order. Wyatt and Shari's singles and albums may be purchased as digital downloads from CD Baby, I-Tunes, and Amazon.com. Wyatt & Shari's "I Remember Loving You" album, and Shari's "Rest In Hymn" album, can be purchased in CD form by clicking the links below.




We are pleased to announce the release of our debut CD entitled "I Remember Loving you! For more information about the album, or to order a copy for your very own, click here! (Digital downloads of this album are available from Amazon.com, I-Tunes, & CD Baby!)


Wyatt and Shari Knapp

Songbird Wyatt and Shari   Songbird - Vocal duet with acoustic guitar accompaniment (digital download) ( .

wedding instrumental   Wedding Day - Guitar Instrumental © 2010 Wyatt Knapp (digital download) ( .




When God Dips His Pen Wyatt and Shari   When God Dips His Love - Vocal duet with acoustic guitar accompaniment (digital download) ( .

Shari Knapp   Rest In Hymn © 2008 Shari Knapp. To order this CD click here. $9. for digital album download, .99 for individual tracks)

praise worship gospel   Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled © 1998 Shari Knapp (digital download) (.(digit99 for digital download.)

shari knapp   If I Didn't Know Better ©2005 Shari Knapp (digital download) (.99 for digital download)

Shari Knapp   Rest In Hymn album © 2008 Shari Knapp (digital download) ( $9.99 for digital album download, .99 for individual tracks)

shari wyatt   Rest In Hymn Accompaniment Tracks © 2010 Shari Knapp (digital download)

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We will be adding merchandise to our site over the next several months. Things like coffe mugs, pens, jackets, etc. If you have anything you'd like to see added we're open to your suggestions. Just send us an email to the address given on our contact page.

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Wyatt has written and published a primitive skills book entitled "The New Atlatl And Dart Workbook". It's all about a stone-age hunting weapon that predated the bow and arrow and was used by ancient people all over the world. It was even used very successfully to hunt woolly mammoths and mastodons. The book has lots of information about not only how to make atlatls and darts, but also on stone age skills--like how to haft a stone arrowhead with pine pitch and sinew, and how to fletch arrows as it was done 5,000 years ago. Shari was co-editor and really got into the whole project. Wyatt got a kick out of how she cheerfully dove right into helping with tasks like scraping and cleaning deer sinew, collecting pine pitch, and all sorts of stone age skills! Now she's giving him a run for his money when she throws atlatl darts for distance! You can read more about Wyatt's book, or order a copy, by clicking the thumbnail below.


atlatl plans

Wyatt R. Knapp

8.5 X 11
Perfect Bound
Full Color Covers
B/W Interior 108 pages
Onagocag Publishing
ISBN# 978-0-9831109-0-3


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