A New Wyatt & Shari Video!

Last Friday we received an e-mail from our sound engineer, Robert, at Fast Trax Recording Studio.  He had sent a Pearlman TM-1 tube mic to California to have some custom work done.  The work had been finished and the mic had recently been shipped back to him. Robert wanted to test the mic with some recordings of male and female voices and of both hard strumming and finger-picking styles on an acoustic guitar.  He wondered if we would be interested in helping him out.  It sounded like fun so we set up a time to come to the studio the following afternoon.

We had a blast putting the mic through its paces, and while we were there we happened to sing the old Everly Brothers classic, Wake Up Little Susie.  Robert decided to shoot some video of us singing it to accompany the test results. We thought you might like to see it too, so here’s the Fast Trax microphone test and what we thought was a fun music video!  We hope you enjoy it too!

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