Wyatt & Shari Knapp: Live at the Book Nook & Java Shop

Hey folks!  Come in from the cold and treat yourself to a latte, hot cocoa or a glass of wine along with live music by Wyatt and Shari this very evening between 7 and 9!  Make it a date night or evening with friends and/or family! (No cover charge).  The Book Nook & Java Shop and Best Cellars Wine Bar is located in downtown Montague at 8744 Ferry Street.  See you there!           -Wyatt & Shari

Montague, Michigan

Wyatt & Shari Knapp: Live at the Rockford Brewing Company!

We’re back in West Michigan after an awesome summer playing music in Michigan’s North Country. This Thursday evening, we’ll be rockin’ our tunes at the fabulous Rockford Brewing Co. in Rockford, Michigan!  Rockford Brewing Co. is a friendly venue and a favorite of ours. Not only do they offer a full catalog of amazing, traditional and inventive beers, they’ve teamed up with locally famous Vitale’s to offer delicious pizza, grinders, salads, and appetizers in-house.  Here’s what you do: Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 8th, 8-11 PM.  Then come and enjoy an icy cold craft beer, delicious hard cider or a soft drink along with tasty Vitale’s menu items while listening to the music of Wyatt & Shari Knapp! Sounds like a perfect evening!                     -Wyatt & Shari

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Wyatt & Shari Knapp: Live Music in Horton Bay, Michigan!

Horton Bay, Michigan is a special place for me as I have ancestors who settled there and who lived in that community for many years. Shari and I love Horton Bay and we’re so pleased we were invited again to provide the music for the big Labor Day Pig Roast!  This community event is held on the grounds of the Methodist Church there in Horton Bay.  We’ve been told that Ernest Hemingway was married in that church back in 1921.  The whole community was invited to his wedding and the following celebration, so it’s entirely likely that some of my ancestors attended!  One thing we realized last year is that the place where we sing is situated right at the front of what used to be my great-great grandparent’s expansive front yard.  As a matter of fact, the driveway into the venue is the same driveway that still leads up the hill to their old house. From the top of their driveway, and the porch, you can see an absolutely gorgeous view of the bay!  And Hemingway himself once wrote about the view from that very porch in one of his stories.

The view from Grampa Smith's Horton Bay home

The view from Grampa Smith’s Horton Bay home

The pig roast lasts from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and they always have plenty of delicious food and desserts.  Shari and I will start singing right at 4:00 pm and will be there for the entire event. Then, at around 8:00 o’clock p.m., Horton Bay will host its annual Labor Day Candlelight Bridge Walk.   Everyone meets at “Mary’s” back yard where there is usually a campfire and more live music as they wait for the signal. Then, at twilight, participants attempt to walk the great Horton Bay Bridge by candlelight. During the walk, everyone invariably breaks out into a spontaneous “group singing” of traditional standards. The walk is preceded by some humorous and entertaining speeches.  It’s really a memorable event!  Those who make it across  receive a certificate of accomplishment and a free treat from the Horton Bay General Store! There’s no better way to end the summer than to share a delicious meal, listen to some great tunes, and walk the Horton Bay Bridge under the stars and candlelight!  Hope to see you there!                      –Wyatt–

Horton Bay Wyatt and Shari

Our Wedding Video

We used to have a section on our website called “Scrapbook” where we had begun to share stories from the road and other things of interest. We later decided that a blog would work better as a format for our digital scrapbooking. So we created one. But somewhere in the move the video of our wedding got left behind. We’ve had several people ask since then, “What happened to the wedding video?” and “When will the wedding video be back up?”  Well gosh … we’re a bit flattered it was so well received. So in response, and in honor of our recent five-year anniversary this past May, here it is back up online again! Thank you for all the nice comments and all of your support. It means a lot to us!
                                                                                                                        –Wyatt & Shari

Wyatt & Shari Knapp: Concert At Falling Rock

Not too long from now, Shari and I will be moving our rig farther north again as we head up into the upper peninsula for our annual stay Shari_Knapp_waterfall picture_Munising 1on the shores of Lake Superior’s Whitefish Bay!  During our time there, we’ll take the “shuttlecraft” out to visit many of our favorite places up there.  By the way, looking for a fun travel destination?  You can’t go wrong with a trip to Munising in Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula!  There you’ll find Pictured Rocks–colorful sandstone towers, cliffs and formations, viewed against the backdrop of  green forests and beautiful blue Lake Superior.  Many of the area’s hiking trails take you to picturesque creeks and waterways, and well over a dozen breathtaking waterfalls.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  We love it there!

While you’re in Munising, make some time to stop at the area’s renowned Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore.  At this comfy coffee shop and café you’ll find wi-fi, tasty homemade food (with vegan and gluten-free options), coffee and gourmet teas, as well as thousands of hand-selected books lining the shelves.  And on the evening of the 29th of August we’ll be performing there from 7:00 to 9:00 pm!  So, come on up, stop in to the café, and listen to some great tunes as you enjoy one of the friendliest and most welcoming venues in the state!              –WyattFalling Rock Wyatt and Shari Ad

Wyatt & Shari Knapp: Concert In West Michigan

A couple of weeks ago, Shari and I moved into our motor home and we’ve been busy getting it ship-shape and ready for extensive traveling.  Our last gig in West Michigan before we leave for our annual northern tour will be on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015, at Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We leave for Harbor Springs, Boyne City, Petoskey, and other towns in the far North around the 28th of this month.  It’ll be late September before we’re back in the area, so now’s the time to come out and see us at Rosa Parks Circle for some great tunes and family friendly fun!  Hope to see you there!                  –Wyatt–

Wyatt & Shari GR Concert Promo

2015 So Far

Img_1628We’re in the thick of winter!  Lots of cancellations due to the weather.   Out of seven things on our calendar between New Years Day and today, only one has actually happened! That was an afternoon at the mall, drinking coffee and shopping with my sister & niece.

Wyatt and I are hoping our gig for tomorrow doesn’t get cancelled because of impending weather.  We enjoy being home, but we’re ready to get out again.  At least I am.

I am so glad the snow we’ve gotten has been fluffy, making the shoveling easier!  Wyatt does such a good job keeping the long path to the barn clear, but the other day I got out there first because I wanted the exercise.  I had to blaze a new trail.  I had so much fun.  I think it looks way more interesting with some curves, don’t you? ;)  Between my glasses steaming up and hair blowing in front of my eyes–I couldn’t see much of anything!

IMG_1624I am thankful to have a toasty warm, cozy place to stay again this winter. Most of all, I’m thrilled with the one I am hunkered down with on these cold, snowy, Michigan winter days and nights!  We cooked and enjoyed a spontaneous candlelight Italian meal together last night because the plans to go out for a quiet dinner with friends were not to be.

Our Cozy FireplaceLots of love and laughter, and never a dull moment!                       -Shari

Music and the Infinite

Shari and I saw this video today and just had to share it with you.  David MacDonald assigned the numbers 0 through 9 to consecutive white keys (with the exception of a sharped “G”) on a piano keyboard. Then he played “pi” all the way down to 122 decimal places. The result was lovely.   Science, math and music, inextricably woven together. Always an intriguing concept…and a beautiful contemplation.                    –Wyatt