2015 So Far

Img_1628We’re in the thick of winter!  Lots of cancellations due to the weather.   Out of seven things on our calendar between New Years Day and today, only one has actually happened! That was an afternoon at the mall, drinking coffee and shopping with my sister & niece.

Wyatt and I are hoping our gig for tomorrow doesn’t get cancelled because of impending weather.  We enjoy being home, but we’re ready to get out again.  At least I am.

I am so glad the snow we’ve gotten has been fluffy, making the shoveling easier!  Wyatt does such a good job keeping the long path to the barn clear, but the other day I got out there first because I wanted the exercise.  I had to blaze a new trail.  I had so much fun.  I think it looks way more interesting with some curves, don’t you? 😉  Between my glasses steaming up and hair blowing in front of my eyes–I couldn’t see much of anything!

IMG_1624I am thankful to have a toasty warm, cozy place to stay again this winter. Most of all, I’m thrilled with the one I am hunkered down with on these cold, snowy, Michigan winter days and nights!  We cooked and enjoyed a spontaneous candlelight Italian meal together last night because the plans to go out for a quiet dinner with friends were not to be.

Our Cozy FireplaceLots of love and laughter, and never a dull moment!                       -Shari